“She is able to explain difficult issues in simple ways. She is always clear and straightforward, and always to the point.” Client

Natascha Tunkel has more than ten years experience in the field of complex dispute resolution, guiding clients through initiation of proceedings to enforcement of decisions. She acts as trial counsel, arbitrator and mediator in disputes from a wide array of industries – including technology, life science, energy, and engineering – with a special focus on multi-faceted commercial disputes that involve criminal or insolvency law aspects, or that require coordination of actions before state courts and arbitral tribunals.

As Head of Investigations at KNOETZL, Natascha leads a team of legal and, as necessary, actuarial, forensic investigators and directs sophisticated and complete analysis of high volume data to establish relevant facts for purposes of risk evaluation, document classification, analysis of legal action, categorization and asset tracing. Both her experience in handling large-scale white collar crime cases as well as her strong commercial acumen enable Natascha to quickly identify potential intimations and vulnerabilities relevant to a case. Clients appreciate Natascha’s quick understanding of a matter and her technological applications and her ability to apply comprehensive analysis together with an appropriate and effective strategy.

Natascha’s profound knowledge of procedural law reflects her strong academic background as a lecturer and research assistant at the Law Faculty of the University of Vienna. She is currently involved in the Working Group of the IBA-VIAC-CDRC Negotiation and Mediation Moot Court, and continues to speak and publish on pertinent issues of procedural law.

Natascha is admitted to the bar in Austria.


T: +43 1 34 34 000
F: +43 1 34 34 000 999
Herrengasse 1, A-1010, Vienna, Austria