Are Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Permitted to Publicly Respond to Negative Media?

Advertising Prohibitions for Prescription-Only Drugs – Are pharmaceutical manufacturers permitted to publicly respond to negative media?

Germany / EU All advertising of prescription-only drugs to general public prohibited. In Germany, as in the rest of the EU, advertising for medicinal products is strictly regulated. Prescription-only medicinal products may be promoted only to healthcare professionals qualified to prescribe or supply them (Sec 10 Advertising of Medicines Act, HWG ). General advertising of…

“Failure to Warn” in Pharmaceutical Product Liability Cases

The Austrian Supreme Court clarified the role of the prescribing physicians in pharmaceutical liability cases.

Recent case law from the Austrian Supreme Court has helped clarify the role of the prescribing physician in pharmaceutical product liability cases. In the absence of clear guidance from the European Court of Justice , there has been some uncertainty in Austria – and in many EU Member States – on whether, in pharmaceutical product…

Roundtable Belgrade: What are the Advantages of Regional Arbitral Institutions?

Belgrade Roundtable Arbitration
Regional vs international arbitral institutions – which institution is right for which case? Photo Credit: Belgradevismootteam

On November 7th, the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law hosted a roundtable discussion to advance the participants’ understanding about the advantages of regional arbitral institutions – such as VIAC in Austria or BAC in Serbia – over larger, international institutions. More than 70 lawyers, general counsel and members of the Belgrade law faculty listened to opening…