EmpowerHER ADR: Navigating Paths to Inclusivity and Relevance

On International Women’s Day, KNOETZL partner Patrizia Netal took part in a fireside chat with Emi Rowse Igusa, Partner and Head of Japan Practice at Kudun and Partners that was organized by the ADR Wellbeing Toolbox, a co-creation of ARBalance and VIAC.

The online event titled “EmpowerHER ADR: Navigating Paths to Inclusivity and Relevance” was dedicated to discuss the importance of wellbeing for practitioners in the ADR field. Niamh Leinwather highlighted the importance of the topic and Amanda Lee and Kabir Duggal provided the introductory remarks. Ema Potocnik moderated the discussion.

Patrizia and Emi shared their personal experiences and reflected on their own strategies to deal with any challenges. A core message being:

Instead of thinking about how others perceive and think about us, we should focus on our own path. We should reflect and concentrate on what makes us happy, what we have achieved, what goes well and what we are thankful for – and not only concentrate on what could have been done better and differently. We should also look inward and appreciate the daily work we do for ourselves – work time is life time.