International Women’s Day – “Germany, Austria and France: 26 women, one single voice”

“Identify your talents, set reasonable but ambitious goals, work hard and have fun!” These inspiring words from Bettina Knoetzl capture the essence of her contribution to the Leaders’ League article on International Women’s Day.

In the article, she shares her perspective on navigating the legal profession beyond societal expectations. “I’ve never let the fact that I’m a woman define my career choices. My focus has always been on my passion for high-stakes litigation and dispute resolution, gender stereotypes be damned,” Bettina insists.

Her journey in a male-dominated industry has meant overcoming professional challenges such as managing professional relationships with male clients while establishing clear, respectful boundaries.

Recognising the challenge of childcare in Austria, her law firm is committed to flexible policies that prioritise the needs of new parents and their young children. Men and women have the same rights and we respect and enhance them equally.

To read the article, please visit: Leaders’ League.