KNOETZL Pre-Ball Gathering for the Juristenball 2019

We, at KNOETZL were delighted to welcome you to this year’s private PRE-BALL GATHERING at our premises just outside the Imperial Hofburg, the one-time residence of Austria’s royal family, for the traditional Ball of Legal Professionals. Getting the night started with delicious food and bracing drinks in our special environment; this was  the perfect place and company with whom to get ready for some Walz and Quadrille dancing at the ensuing Ball.

The Juristenball was first held more than 200 years ago. The marvelous event took place in the historic state rooms of the Imperial Palace. This year’s motto was “Tradition With A Twist”. The diverse program gave every guest the opportunity to find the right music and the right room within the Hofburg,  a storybook place in which every guest sparkled on this shiny Ball night.

This year’s Ball was punctuated by the welcome visit of Hollywood star Nicolas Cage, who greeted many of the guests of honor as they entered during the Ball’s grand opening. Magnificent ambiance, wonderful flower arrangements, marvelous music, international guests, dazzling ball gowns of the ladies, and the elegance of the formally-attired men made this year´s ball truly delightful and memorable.