“The only thing better than a good lawyer, is a good lawyer with chocolate.”

This was not only the winning phrase of our modest, internal competition, but it could also be the unofficial motto of this splendid end-of-Summer event above Vienna’s beautiful center last Wednesday. The previously-teased surprise “Sweet Twist” was revealed to be a team of Lindt Chocolatiers in crisp, white, cheftoqueswho gave every guest the chance to create their own personal, artistic and delicious bars. The Chefs prepared warm, liquid chocolate bars, which we then decorated to our heart’s content. The never-ending, giddy, line at the chocolate station was a salute to the rare pleasure of feeling like Willy Wonka in the Chocolate Factory. It was fantastic to see the sparkle in our guest’s eyes, as we were all magically transported in time to childhood pleasures past.  The sweet candy helped us all share special moments, as the smooth jazz from our favorite band lifted us through the occasional clouds gracing our stately neighbor, the Vienna Hofburg.  Our great top-tier food and catering friends came with their incredible flying food to keep our palates scintillated throughout the event.

We want to express our deep appreciation to all our guests for coming and having such a sweet time.