• Asset Tracing


    Our close relationships and seasoned teamwork with experienced local and international forensic experts and fraud recovery lawyers in virtually every jurisdiction in the world, ensure that we can help identify, trace, freeze and recover hard financial, book entry, and physical assets with the most effective use of dedicated resources. In cases where tangible assets are not accessible or identifiable, we help clients to identify strategic and book-entry assets that may support legal efforts towards recovery.  Our experience in this sector includes securing and enforcing multimillion arbitral awards and foreign judgments simultaneously in multiple jurisdictions, securing worldwide freezing orders, contesting and halting complex, hidden, asset transfers in multiple jurisdictions simultaneously, and recovering fraudulently misappropriated assets. Our clients and our international fraud and asset tracing partners value our tenacity and our imaginative use of all available civil and criminal law instruments, procedures and offices, to secure their recovery.

    One of our partners is the longstanding Austrian member, and an active and recognized leader, of ICC FraudNet , the world’s leading asset recovery network comprised of the top civil asset recovery specialist lawyers in every country.



  • Business Crime | White-Collar Crime


    Our team expertly handles the technically legal aspects of white collar crime matters and is equally skilled at understanding and addressing commercial and reputational (including PR) risks and effects upon our clients and their businesses that may arise as an offshoot.

    The members of KNOETZL have supported clients in large-scale white collar crime matters over many years, and have helped them to successfully manage and resolve those challenges to the significant advantage of our clients’ business and operations.


  • Collective Claims

    We represent enterprise clients involved in class, group and representative actions.

    One of our partners has successfully defended clients against class action lawsuits, including Austria’s biggest class action case to date. Our team, as a whole, has gained unparalleled expertise regarding the Austrian procedure for handling claims for collective redress, both within and outside the context of a sanctioned class.

    We continually monitor the pulse and closely follow local and international trends regarding the latest legal and procedural developments, especially in the context of increasing regulation and propagation of class, collective and concerted actions on the European level.

  • Commercial Arbitration

    We advise and act on behalf of clients in institutional and in ad-hoc arbitration proceedings.

    The members of the arbitration team are engaged as counsel and as arbitrators by a wide array of parties and under all significant arbitration rules, including the ICSID Convention’s Rules, the Rules of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the Rules of the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA), the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules, the Rules of the German Institution of Arbitration (DIS) and the Rules of Arbitration of the VIAC (Vienna Rules).

    The distinct ability of each of our team members to collaborate with partner law firms, legal and industry experts and in-house counsel ensures high standards and perfect handling of the most complex cases. Because of the diversity of the arbitration team, we offer clients advice in various languages (including French, Spanish, Russian, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian) and a deep market knowledge in a wide range of jurisdictions (among others, in South America, CEE and SEE).

    We act for our clients at all stages of arbitral proceedings, in setting aside proceedings and in relation to all aspects of the recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards.

    The members of the arbitration team have been successfully involved in some of the largest and most complex commercial arbitrations in Austria and the CEE region of the last decade, and on behalf of some of the world’s largest companies.

  • Compliance

    We understand that compliance issues have become increasingly important in almost all business sectors during the last years.  Our lawyers have been at the forefront of developments and services in this critical area.

    We review actual, planned and contested business practices for compliance with laws, regulations and policies, and we assist in identifying risks to organizations as we help develop and oversee the implementation of appropriate policies and effective control.

    Our compliance work encompasses a broad spectrum such as anti-corruption, reporting or disclosure, financial controls, money laundering, financing of criminal activities.

  • Corporate Crisis Management

    We believe that KNOETZL corporate clients secure significant advantage over their rivals in being represented by our seasoned experts in all mission critical disputes.

    In no area is their advantage as solid as when we are called upon to apply our experience, analytical acumen, practical solutions and strategic expertise to their most critical and sensitive corporate crises. This is the area in which our services are the most vital to our enterprise clients and are first choice for savvy players in the market.

    We provide seasoned and professional, hands-on, legal advice when a potential or actual crisis of any sort threatens a client’s business, at any stage of the crisis.

    The team at KNOETZL supports local and international companies across all business and governmental sectors in dealing with critical situations, and acts in a routine and focused manner, even under serious time pressure, as is so often the case.

    Our primary objective is to help our clients prevent crisis situations. If worse comes to worst in a rapidly-unfolding critical circumstance, our extensive experience and prompt response time provides our clients with a rapid and thorough assessment of all issues they encounter in the face of a corporate crisis, together with viable and business-oriented solutions.

  • Employment | Management

    We understand the importance of the workforce as an essential element of successful business.

    We apply our extensive experience and strategic expertise to guide our clients through workplace disputes to ensure their best commercial advantage.

  • Enforcement

    We assist with world-wide Asset Recovery, utilizing our global connections, including the international fraud & asset recovery network “ICC FraudNet”.

    Our lawyers are recognized as leading experts in Asset Tracing and have achieved the return of significant sums for our clients throughout the enforcement of court decisions and arbitral awards.

  • Fraud | Corruption

    KNOETZL is well known for its legal capabilities at the intersection of civil and criminal law. Lawyers of KNOETZL have been involved in the biggest fraud cases in the country and the region, handling both the civil and the criminal defense side on behalf of a companies, substantial individuals or governmental institutions.

    Our white collar clients can profit from our deep and distinguished experience, our longstanding reciprocal relationships we have established and nurtured  with courts, the relevant regulatory and criminal prosecution authorities, and with local media representatives, so as to bolster reputational protection as needed – particularly in cases of ongoing business concerns and public persons. Our broad range of company, public officials and managerial defense work includes investment fraud, tax fraud, bankruptcy related actions and internal fraud cases.

    We defend and attack related matters before civil courts, which includes handling of massive class-action-types of lawsuits and high profile cases with large, sometimes enormous, amounts in dispute. Our broad knowledge on the  defense side has made us a feared representative of victims of white collar crime and asset displacement, as well.


  • Intellectual Property

    The protection and security of intellectual capital as a core corporate asset is a vital aspect of many industries.

    We provide tailored, analytical and comprehensive strategic advice as well as forceful representation in all kinds of intellectual property disputes.

  • Internal | External Investigations

    We assist our corporate clients in conducting internal investigations and as they face external investigations.

    One of our partners enjoys a reputation of international prominence in the field of investigations and, as the Austrian, and active, member of ICC FraudNet, she provides our firm and our clients with ready access to the necessary, top-of-the-class, network to handle multi-cross-border investigations quickly and effectively.

    Our team of lawyers is experienced in dealing with technical aspects of internal and external investigations in a pragmatic and effective manner, including through the skilled utilization of forensic software. We understand the need to find answers quickly while avoiding disruption of our client’s business and operations.

    KNOETZL combines the experience, knowledge and contacts best suited to nimbly deliver investigative solutions and results.

  • Investment Arbitration

    Our lawyers are widely recognized for their skill in representing clients in connection with contract-based and treaty-based investment disputes.

    The members of the arbitration team have acquired substantial experience with investment arbitration proceedings conducted under the ICSID Convention’s Rules, the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules as well as the Rules of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

    We regularly analyze the different levels of protection afforded to investors under international treaties and advise on the structuring of investments.

    The team at KNOETZL is multilingual, providing our clients with representation in connection with their investments around the world.

  • Litigation

    Litigation is the core of our practice. Our litigation team has a clear mission and a driving purpose: to achieve optimal outcomes for corporate, financial and governmental clients in their most significant, sensitive and complicated litigations before the Austrian courts, and well beyond.

    Our approach combines unmatched strategic thinking and decades of peerless experience with the endurance, stamina and commitment required to ultimately win the day.

    We work seamlessly with international partner law firms and industry experts in the CEE and SEE regions and are widely regarded as true leaders and innovators in this market. Highly regarded, top tier ranked international law firms choose KNOETZL as their local counsel.

    Our team’s diverse skillset covers civil, commercial, sovereign and criminal litigation, focusing significantly on liability claims, corporate disputes, banking, insurance and financial derivatives cases, investor protection, business crime, energy, technology and life science.

    Our services also include asset-tracing and effective provisional measures, such as freeze orders and attachments, in the domestic and international context, and the enforcement of foreign judgments.

  • Mediation | ADR

    We offer our clients the highest quality of advice and guide them through all forms of traditionally available, and creatively structured, alternative dispute resolution.

    The benefits of alternative dispute resolution reside in the numerous options available and the flexibility they offer to parties in dispute. Finding a party’s greatest advantage in ADR requires experienced dispute resolution specialists to assist in making the right choices and determining effective strategies and tactics.

    We respond to the need of our clients for counsel on the complete spectrum of dispute resolution options, processes and strategies, including non-adversarial, cost-effective approaches to contentious matters, as may be appropriate and effective.

    Our team includes accredited mediators with the experience to broker advantageous settlement agreements in complex disputes. We are committed to facilitating the best solution and finding a way for our clients to resolve issues, in order to get past their disputes and move forward.

  • Unfair Competition

    Unfair competition demands purposeful reaction and full risk understanding.

    When they are victimized or have to strike first to prevent harm, we lead our clients to the best solutions. We establish and defend their rightful market position, and avoid adverse business effects resulting from harmful disputes caused by wrongfully-acting competitors.

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